Central Judaica Database

Central Judaica Database

In 2011 the Museum of the History of Polish Jews launched the Central Judaica Database, a program whose aim is to digitalize Judaica collections. The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the framework of the Culture + multiannual programme operated by the National Audiovisual Institute. Its purpose is to build a professional database and catalogue of Judaica (including digital images) scattered throughout Polish museums, archives and private collections. The first phase of the project consisted in digitalizing selected items from our own collection and the collection of the Jewish Historical Institute, our first project partner.

We have also established cooperation with other institutions and museums whose collections include Judaica, including:
Muzeum Regionalne w Łęcznej,
Muzeum Historyczno-Archeologiczne w Ostrowcu Świętokrzyskim,
Państwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne w Warszawie,
Muzeum Niepodległości w Warszawie,
Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland
Castle Museum in Łańcut
Museum of Kresy in Lubaczow
Muzeum Pojezierza Łęczyńsko-Włodawskiego we Włodawie
Muzeum w Sosnowcu - Pałac Schoena

We hope that our online Judaica catalogue will aid museum professionals, scholars and teachers in their daily work, enabling students and researchers of the history of Polish Jews to expand their knowledge, while making it easier for exhibition curators to find material.

Most items in the POLIN Museum collection come from private donors. They include, above all, family mementos, photographs, documents, items of daily use, letters and memoirs. Since 2006, within the framework of its Memento Collection Program, POLIN Museum has collected nearly 14 000 objects, part of which are featured in the Central Judaica Database.
Please contact the Collection Department if you would like to contribute to our museum collection:

(+48) 22 471 0306

Aleksandra Przeździecka-Kujałowicz, Curator
(+48) 22 37 93 715

Przemysław Kaniecki, Curator
(+48) 22 47 10 326