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The Judaica collection of the City Department of History and Culture has a regional character. It chiefly comprises silver and silver-plated synagogue items from the former Russian partition. These artefacts are used during lectures and museum lessons as teaching aids to illustrate the history of Jews in the Dąbrowa Basin. The Judaica collection also comprises artefacts linked directly to the region – the most interesting of these are postcards of the Three Emperors’ Corner, the tripoint where the borders of the Russian Empire, Austria-Hungary and the German Empire once met. These postcards feature Jews, including travelers and local dwellers. Of particular interest in this context is a portable Hanukkah lamp which could have been used by tourists or travelling merchants. The local Jewish community owed its peak development to the industrial revolution and the ensuing migrations, mostly from the western provinces of the Russian Empire. The number of Jews in the Dąbrowa Basin increased from 9046 in 1864 to 71 964 on the eve of World War I. The first mention of Jewish settlers in these parts dates to the thirteenth century.

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